Worst Places to Meet a Guy

There are good times and bad times for meeting people. Obviously, you do not want to meet a guy first thing in the morning when you are groggy and still asleep. And after work when you’re caught in rush hour traffic and all you want to do is go home and freshen up, that’s not the ideal time to meet someone either. I have composed a list of the worst places to meet a guy, and want to know the sad thing? There are women that go to these places because they think they’ll meet someone! I have even spoken to guy friends about these places, and they have all confessed that women are the last thing on their mind at certain times! Read on to find out more.

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6) Dating apps and services – Not the best place to meet for something serious as most of apps are very superficial and promote “quick” option. If you are looking for something serious it’ll take a lot of time to go through all the “dirt” of online dating. One of the online dating alternative that many people tried is phone dating services with free chat line numbers. Phone chat gives a better chance to connect to people on a deeper level as you can hear people’s voice.

5) The Gym – Everyone thinks this is the best place to meet someone, and at first thought, you can’t blame them for thinking so. Sweaty bodies in a tight room together, all in motion? Sounds like an orgy! But everyone at the gym comes in, isolates themself on a particular machine, has their ipod on, and shuts themself away from the rest of the world. Gyms can be extremely intimidating places, and do you really want to go up to a guy who is doing his reps with a 200-lb weight and trainer? You’d feel as if you were intruding, and he probably feels the same way. In addition, everyone usually comes to the gym with a specific mindset-the girl on the stairmaster is focusing on her flabby thighs and how she needs to lose ten pounds. People don’t exactly feel glamorous at the gym and would rather not be bothered.

4) The Fire Station – Twelve hot firemen, sitting around waiting for a call? Sounds like heaven…not. Firemen have many other tasks to perform in between calls. There’s maintenance on the engines, upkeep, paperwork to fill out; they are on duty every minute until they are off the clock. A fireman’s first duty is his job-women come last. And you must remember, they already have a fan club. You will just be another member.

3) The Bar/Night Club – So many reasons why this doesn’t work. Let’s see, it’s dark, there are large amounts of alcohol (and often other substances) involved, you can barely hear yourself talk, and the guys that come to these types of places are usually looking for the most scantily clad girl in the room. The worst is when a guy is drunk and keeps getting your name wrong. And they always look more attractive under the strobe lights…

2) The Surf – I know so many girls who invest in surfboards and paddle out in their cutest bikinis, hoping to meet some surfer boys. And they always wonder why they never do. Let’s just say that when guys are doing certain things like playing a sport or doing something that requires their entire focus, they can’t jeopardize themselves. They need to give a hundred percent in order to get the best results. And we all know how upset guys get when they don’t give a good performance. And chances are, they are surfing to get away from certain problems, which includes girls.

1) When he’s working and you’re not – You’re stopping by his work-maybe he’s the manager of a shop, and you’re the customer. He sees you, but he’s preoccupied and doesn’t really have the time to talk to you. The worst is if his boss is right there-he risks getting into trouble for socializing on the job. You on the other hand, wonder what is wrong with him for not talking to you. Now you know.